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dawning in the desert cathedral...


metal monarchs
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sun rose over the desert hill and a child was born. to the misfortune of this child, its parents decided to eat each other, leaving it with several large amps and some stringed instruments. the choice was simple: die alone in the desert or rock out extremely loud. the child split in two and formed with its broken self, a union. one of two and two of two. eventually, they came to be known by all the desert creatures as the metallic falcons. the metallic falcons are angels with second hand wings. one set dark and one set light. finally, the sounds of a windy canyon echo as you give yourself to the wild deep abyss– track laid over track laid over track—colored by millions of years of sediment leaving their muted lines on the canyon walls. their debut album "desert doughnuts" will be released on the voodoo-eros label on 06.06.06!

airships, baby metal, berry metal, boots with borrowed heels, clay-caked boots, cloud beards, crystal colored irises, dark wings, desert doughnuts, desert hum, desert journey, extremely rocking, feather beards, full beard white, hand-rolled peyote cigarettes, instruments of string, light wings, lighter fluid flowing, matteah baim, metallic falcons, night time and morning, nocturnal activities, old carburetors, pumping old leather harmonies, real strong tea, sierra casady, snakes and tea, sticky sage resin, voodoo-eros